mU10 erfolgreich beim Nana-Cup in Hannover

Ein starker 2. Platz beim Wilhelm-Hirte-Cup 2023.

Was ein Feuerwerk! Auf und neben dem Platz ein Fest.

To make a long story short:
Ob unsere Mädels Hockey lieben: ja!
Ob wir wieder nach Hannover möchten: ja!
Ob wir Eltern stolz wie Bolle auf unsere Kämpferinnen sind: ja!


For more details, grab a coffee and enjoooooooy reading:

Train Journey: Berlin to Hannover
Oh, where do I even begin? The journey itself was as exciting as the matches! Imagine this: a bunch of enthusiastic players, all packed into a train, laughing, sharing stories, and building camaraderie. The Aesthetic Outside? As the train chugged along, the scenic landscapes outside were a treat for our eyes. The green meadows, picturesque towns, and the occasional glimpse of a deer prancing about kept us entertained. Anticipation in the Air? You bet! With every passing mile, the excitement grew. Hannover was waiting, and so was the DHC Hannover ground. A fresh turf of dreams!
Upon our arrival at DHC Hannover, the sprawling grounds welcomed us with open arms, promising a weekend full of adrenaline and memories.

League Level Matches
The adrenaline rush when playing in a league of this stature is something else. Our first match of the day was against Klipper Hamburg, and it was a hard-fought match. Our team slowly but surely pushed the game to the other half. We scored an excellent team goal from a pass in the center. They pushed forward many times, but our defense remained strong .

Clash with Düsseldorfer HC. The first three to four minutes were dominated by Duesseldorf HC. There were multiple attacks from the right-side coming in. But our defense stood firm and pushed them away. One of these clearances found Clara, and then a long pass to Clea resulted in another great goal. This spurred Düsseldorfer HC into attacking even more. After about 8 minutes, a sideline clearance from their side was converted into a goal. We continued the attack, but their goalkeeper cleared it twice. So, it was clear that they would put up a strong fight in the coming rounds tomorrow. „Intense“ doesn’t even begin to describe it. Both teams showed immense passion, making it a true game of field hockey. With every match, we evolved, learned, and, most importantly, enjoyed the spirit of the game. The coaches pushed the girls forward, teaching them, guiding them, and sharing their own experiences in words and actions with excitement from the sidelines.

Evening Relaxation and Preparations
After a day filled with matches, the evening was all about relaxation and preparing for the next day. Setting up the Tents? That was an adventure in itself. Everyone had a role, from pitching the tents to starting the bonfire. And while we were at it, guess what? The distant Fireworks at Herrenhausen Gardens lit up the evening sky. It felt like the universe was celebrating our small victories and preparing us for the grandeur of the following day. 

Sunday Showdown
Then came the much-awaited Sunday. The girls had an early breakfast and got ready for 2 more league games to fight their way to the top of the group. 
The first game was against Hamburg FC.They were a strong team, and we found that they could bring the game forward from both the left and right sides. While our defense remained strong, after about 6 minutes, they scored the first goal from a great pass from the right side. Our team regrouped after this setback, and we started putting more pressure on and bringing the game to their side of the pitch. The fight for control in the midfield was intense. We finally got our goal with about 3 minutes to spare.
With this result, we were joint first place with Raffleburg HC after three games. Our final game was also against them, which would decide the group winners.

The tension was palpable, the atmosphere electric. It was a fierce game, challenging us at every turn. We went for the win, and so did Raffleburg HC. Our girls got into a good rhythm and started using the full breadth of the pitch. There were constant attacking plays from both sides, and both teams showed grit. Our goalkeeper was tested multiple times, but we stood our ground. Finally, with about 3 minutes remaining, we started a play from the middle, through the right side. A strong cross from the right side was converted, and we had our goal. With this win, we became the group leaders. The sheer determination from both sides was commendable. This also meant that we could face off in the finals.
It had rained in the morning, making it cooler compared to Saturday. But tensions were high, and the stakes were even higher. Every play, every decision could tip the balance.

The semi-finals against Der Club an der Alster was nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Goals, saves, and those edge-of-the-seat moments! The tactics from the coaches were simply to push the game to the other side and win back every lost ball. Both teams used their bench strength more frequently. The field was wet, and the ball was even faster. The teams also had to adjust to this but played under cooler conditions. The magical moment for us came about 2 minutes to spare. It was a direct play from the middle to the top of D, which was defended and pushed to the right. Our winger crossed it to the front of the goal, which was expertly hit with a stunning backhand, and that glorious goal secured our place in the finals. Our girls were over the moon, parents happy, and the coach was content with the excellent performance. The other semifinal between Club zur Vahr and Club Raffelberg was decided on penalties as it was goalless during the normal time. Club zur Vahr came out victorious, and the final lineup was set.
We got some time for lunch and planned for the finals. Picture this: two teams, one trophy, and countless dreams. The crowd cheered, the players gave their all, and the atmosphere was electric. A match to remember!

The final started with both teams testing each other, and initially, it was strong plays limited to the middle of the pitch. Their team started increasing the pressure and saw us getting pushed back multiple times, and finally, from a play from the right side, a good cross, they opened the scoring. Both teams made their first set of changes and brought in fresh legs. The rain had gone, and now the strong sun was shining, making the game even harder. They again increased the pressure with more direct attacks from the middle. And they scored a second goal with about four minutes left on the clock. We pushed forward and finally got a goal from neat interplay within our team, showing the depth of skills that we had. We had a few more chances in the dying minutes, but their defense held strong. It was a fierce game, challenging us at every turn. This match was a roller coaster of emotions, but it exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship.

A Hearty Thank You
Reflecting upon this trip, it wasn’t just about the game. It was about the love for the sport, the camaraderie, and those little moments that made it special. A big shout out to the girls for their unwavering team spirit and the tireless dedication and expertise of the coaches that is transforming us into a formidable team. A heartfelt thank you to DHC Hannover for the impeccable organization, and not to forget, the mouth-watering breakfast and dinner. In the end, it’s not just about the game, but the memories created, the bonds formed, and the love for the sport that brings us together.